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16 July 2020

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To engage in scientific and scholarly research and study in Christian Theology and Philosophy, the Chair for Christian Studies and Research was established at the University of Calicut in Kerala, India in 1986….. more…
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Dr Paul Pulikkan,
Pastoral Centre, Trichur 680005, Kerala India,
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Mob. 0091-9447239144.

With a view to engage in serious, scholarly and scientific study and research in Christian Theology and Philosophy, the Indian Institute of Christian Studies (IICS) was formed as a registered society on 8.6.1983. The dioceses of Bathery, Calicut, Irinjalakuda, Kottayam, Mananthavady, Palghat, Tellicherry, Trichur, the Catholic College managements and the Major Religious Congregations in the jurisdictional area of the University of Calicut came together to form the Institute. IICS established the Chair for Christian Studies and Research at the University of Calicut on 5.2.1986. Now the dioceses of Kottappuram, and Thamarassery also are members of the Institute. The bishops of these dioceses are patrons of the Chair whose Chief Patron is the Archbishop of Trichur. Other Patrons: Mar George Valiamattam (Archbishop of Telicherry), Mar Mathew Moolakkat (Archbishop of Kottayam), Mar Paul Chittilappilly (Bishop of Thamarassaery), Most. Rev. Joseph Kalathiparambil (Bishop of Calicut), Geevarghese Mar Divannasios (Bishop of Bathery), Mar James Pazhayattil (Bishop of Irinjalakuda), Mar Jacob Mananthodath (Bishop of Palaghat), Mar Jose Porunnedom (Bishop of Mananthawady), Most. Rev. Francis Kallarckal (Bishop of Kottappuram).

The initial attempts to establish the Chair were made by bishop Sebastian Mankuzhikkari, padmabhushan Fr Gabriel CMI and the Rev. Dr. Sebastian Pappu Kanjirathingal. Dr. Sebastian Kanjirathingal was the first Head and the Visiting Professor of the Chair from 1986 till 1989. Dr. Joseph Velachery (1989-1994), Rev.Dr. Vincent Alappat CMI(1994-2002), Rev. Sr. Dr. Rossetta CMC (2002-2006) led the Chair in the following years and acted as Visiting professors. Now Rev. Dr. Paul Pulikkan heads the Chair (2006- ), being also the Visiting professor.

Based on the Charter of the Indian Institute of Religious Studies, the Chair for Christian Studies & Research, has the following aims and objectives:


To engage in scientific and scholarly research and study in Christian Theology and Philosophy and to start a Research Centre in these disciplines.

  • To set up a religious Library consisting of published works on Christian philosophy, theology, biblical studies, liturgies, history and culture.

  • To hold seminars, symposia, study circles, summer schools, correspondence courses, etc. and to undertake such other academic activities as contributing to a deeper understanding of the different branches of Christian Theology in relation to other religions.

  • To make an endeavor to introduce suitable papers in different branches of studies, viz. a paper on Kerala Christian History and Culture for Post-graduate students specializing in History, a paper of Christian Philosophy for Post-graduate students specializing in philosophy, etc.

  • To collaborate with other Christian and other religious endeavors with similar objectives, and with any non-Christian agency, for the promotion of the intellectual and cultural activities according to the mind of the Church.

  • To initiate research in the educational field in order to widen the horizon so as to make it an effective instrument for social changes and national development.

  • To study Christianity with comparative study of other religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Islam, as well as other ideologies, such as Marxism, and Rationalism.

  • To embark on a wide-ranging educational effort to add to the knowledge and appreciation of Christian heritage in the country.


The Chair Dr Paul Pulikkan is an approved Guide of the MG University at the Jeevadhara Department of Socio-Religious Research (JDSR) in the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU), Kottayam, Kerala. PhD level research in Socio-Religious realm is possible here (the Library facilities at the Chair can be utilized by the candidates). Theology (and Religion) and its relationship with Social History, Political Economy, Social Theory, Economic Anthropology, Socio-Linguistic Philosophy, will be areas of specialization. A special focus will be given to Interreligious dialogue, Inculturation and comparative studies.

Jeevadhara Department of Socio Religious Research,

Mahatma Gandhi University

Malloossery, P.O., Kottayam 686041

Kerala, India.

Ph. 0481-2392530



Head and Visiting Professor at the Chair

Dr Paul Pulikkan

Governing Body of the Chair


  • Prof. Anwar J. Suberi - The Vice-Chancellor of the University (Chairperson)
  • The Registrar
  • The Finance Officer of the University
  • Dr. Abraham. V.A (Syndicate member)
  • Fr. Baiju Chakery
  • Rev. Dr. Remegius Inchananiyil
  • Mr. Martin T. J
  • Prof. George Menacherry
  • Rev. Dr. Raphael Thattil


The Advisory Body of the Chair


  • Dr Paul Pulikkan : President
  • Philip Parackal : Member & P.R.O.
  • T.J. Martin : Member
  • K.V. Augustin : Member & Secretary
  • Dr. M.V. Joseph : Member
  • Dr. K. Gopinathan : Head, Department of Philosophy
  • Sr. Ancilla AC
  • Sri. Prem Raphael
  • Sri. C.P. Vincent
  • Dr. Johnson Thekkadayil

Executive Committee of the Indian Institute of Christian Studies

  • Rev.Fr. Baiju Chakkery - President
  • Rev. Dr. Paul Pulikkan - Chair
  • Rev.Sr. Jesmy CMC - Secretary
  • Rev.Fr. Tony Jacob -
  • Rev.Sr. Kripa CMC
  • Rev.Sr.Treesa Varghese CHF
  • Rev. Sr. Ancilla AC
  • Rev. Fr. Jose Kavungal CMI

The Office administration is led by Sr. Mary Mathew SH, assisted by Mrs. Elsy Joy.


Affiliated Institutes



Name of the Institutions

Name of the courses

Duration of the Course

Diploma/certificate issued


Catechetical Centre, Diocese of Mananthavady

Higher Course in Catechism (HCC)

2 years



Diploma Course in Catechetics

2 years



Evangelical Social Action Forum(ESAF),

Prerena Niketan, Nilambur

Diploma in Development Studies(DIDS)

2 years



Family Apostolate Training & Research Institute (FATRI),Arnos Nagar, Velur, Archdiocese of Trichur

1) Advanced Course in Guidance & Counseling (ACGC)

2) Family Apostolate Course (FAC)

3) Basic Counseling Course (BCC)

4) Intensive Counseling Course (ICC)

5) Advanced Course in Family Apostolate (ACFA)

1 year










2 months



1 year
















Catechetical Centre, Archdiocese of Trichur

Advanced Course in Catechetics (ACC)

3 years



Institute of Theology (DBCLC) Archdiocese of Trichur

1)Correspondence Course in Theology (C.Th)


2) Advanced Course in Theology

2 years




6 months








Divyakarunnya Liturgical College, (DLC) Kodakara, Irinjalakuda Diocese

Certificate Course in Theology

6 months



Kerygma Institute of Theology(KIT), Kanjirappilly Diocese.

Diploma Course in Theology

2 years




Bible Commission, Diocese of Irinjalakuda, BLM Aloor

Certificate Course in Bible

1 year



Sapientia, Muthalakodam (SH sisters)

Diploma in Psycho spiritual Therapy

1 year





Diploma in Theology

2 year






Diploma in Theology

1 year



Alpha, Telichery

Diploma in Theology

1 year



Cana, Changanassery

Diploma in Counselling

3 months



Activities of the year 2014

Seminars & lectures:

The Chair conducted five International Lectures in 2006-2007. The first one was given on 3.4. 2006 by Prof. Dr. Paul M. Collins of the University of Chichester on the Inculturation Models for the Church in India. He spoke on the inculturation methods of Roberto De Nobili. audienceThe second lecture was given by Prof. Johan De Tavernier, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium on The Impact of Recent Terrorist Attacks on Western Society and the Response of Christian Ethics, on 30.8.2006. Prof. Dr. Peter Schallenburg, from the Faculty of Theology, Fulda, Germany gave a lecture on the Suicidal Tendencies and Christian Ethical Perspectives on 26.2.2007. CollinsOn 13.7.2007 Prof. Dr. Paul M. Collins of the University of Chichester lectured on Religious Pluralism and the Response of the Churches in UK. On 29.8.2007, Prof. Dr. Peter De Mey, Catholic University of Leuven lectured on “Recent Reflections on Catholicity and Globalization”.

The Chair also assists in the pastoral care of the campus.  It also acts as a centre of guidance for many people who come to the university institutions seeking help with regard to their study, registration etc.

Major Seminars in the Past: A National Seminar on “Peace & Harmony”, jointly conducted by the Chair and Xavier Board of Higher Education from 25th to 27th October 2002.  In March 2004, the Chair organized an Open Forum, an Inter-Faith-Dialogue for Peace. In February 2005, there was a Bishops’ Meet at the Chair in order to give a new vigour to the activities of the Chair.

International Theological Conference

International Theological Conference

Organized by

Chair for Christian Studies and Research, University of Calicut and

Institute of Theology, Trichur, Kerala, India

Friday 4th to Sunday 6th January, 2008


The Chair for Christian Studies and Research, University of Calicut and the Institute of Theology, Trichur, jointly host an International Theological Conference on the theme “Inculturation and Church” between Friday 4th and Sunday 6th January, 2008 . The Session on Friday Afternoon will be at Calicut University Campus and the sessions on 5th and 6th will be at Trichur.


The Conference will discuss the topic - Inculturation and Church, with its various dimensions.

1: Interculturality, Inculturation, Pluralism – Theological, Sociological and Political, Philosophical perspectives.

2: Inculturation and Church: views in Theology, Art, Architecture, Liturgy, Music, Spirituality and other fields.

3: Pioneers and Models in Inculturation. Inculturation and Liberation.

Future Activities


1. Research Centre for Doctoral level studies

2. Cooperation with the University of Chichester in UK. Co-operation is envisaged in the exchange of professors and students. The Chair and the University of Chichester would jointly conduct symposia, international lecture series etc.

The Chair is a member in the Ecclesiological Investigations Network, initiated by the University of Chichester.

In view of a meaningful encounter with the environment, culture and ethos of the land and people, the Chair undertakes inculturation and interreligious dialogue as its two specialized areas of study. In cooperation with the Institute of Theology, the Chair conducts a three day International Conference on Inculturation (January 2008). Themes such as Inculturation and theology, Inculturation and its relationship with II Vatican Council teachings, liturgy and music, will be dealt with.

The Interreligious dialogue and its relationship with ecclesiology will be the other topic of specialization. The Chair Dr Paul Pulikkan presented this theme in the Ecclesiological Investigations Ist International Conference in Hawarden, UK, 2007. The new self awareness of the dialogue partners, especially that of Christians, the new commitment towards the building up of the society, the new vision of church’s mission – all these will be studied in depth in this Network.


A new Hall and lecture room for the Chair will be constructed at the University Campus this year.

Eastern Journal of Dialogue and Culture


In view of promoting scholarship in the study of Christianity and Theology and of fostering interreligious dialogue, the Chair is starting a new journal – appearing as half yearly- titled Eastern Journal of Dialogue and Culture in 2007.

Academic profile of Dr Paul Pulikkan

Curriculum Vitae



Dr. Paul Pulikkan

Pastoral Centre,


Kerala, India.

Ph. 0091 487 2322842

Mob. 9447239144

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Academic Qualification

1994 MA in Theology and MA in Religious Studies (K.U. Leuven, Belgium)

1998 PhD in Theology (Between Pastoral Concerns and Individual Preferences. Response of an Asian Church in an Ecumenical Council- A Historico-Theological Study of the Indian Participation in the Second Vatican Council (K.U.Leuven)

2006 Msc in Psychology (University of Madras)


Academic Profile


1999- Professor of History of Church and Theology and of Second Vatican Council at the Marymatha Major Seminary, Trichur

1999-2000 Visiting Professor of Christology, at the Pontifical Oriental Institute of Religious Studies, Kottayam

2000 Visiting Professor of Second Vatican Council at the St Thomas Benedictine Monastery, Kappadu, Kerala

2001 Nov. Visiting Scholar, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium

Corrector of a Doctoral Thesis (by Rosamma Mathew, titled Ecclesial Dynamics of Consecrated Life. Theological Investigations in the Light of Vatican II and Vita Consecrata with a special reference to the Indian Context).

22002- Professor of History of Church and Theology and Ecclesiology at the Institute of Theology, Trichur.

2006 Visiting Professor of Modern and Contemporary Church History, at Sanathana, the Divyakarunya Vidyapeetham, Thamarassery

2006 Visiting Professor and Director, Chair for Christian Studies and Research, University of Calicut.

2007 Research Guide, Faculty of Social Sciences Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam

2007 Member of the Board of Studies, Department of Christianity, University of Mysore.


Important Publications


PULIKKAN, P., Indian Church at Vatican II, A Historico Theological Study of the Indian Participation in the Second Vatican Council (Marymatha publications 1), Trichur, 2001, pp. LXII + 591(ISBN 81-87906-00-6). Book Review of the work: Vidyajyothi, Journal of Theological Reflection 67 (2003) 734-735.

PULIKKAN, P. (ed.), Lord’s Shepherds to Love and to Serve (Marymatha publications 4), Trichur, 2007, pp. 324 (ISBN 81-87906-03-0).

PULIKKAN, P. (ed.), A Communicating Church in India, CBCI 26th General Assembly, Thrissur, January 7-14, 2004, Trichur, 2004, pp. 300.

PULIKKAN, P. (ed.), The Evangelization Decade, the Great Jubilee and the Archdiocesan Assembly in the Archdiocese of Trichur, (Marymatha publications 2) Trichur, 2002, pp. 98. ((ISBN 81-87906-01-4).


PULIKKAN, P., The Reception of the Second Vatican Council in the Indian Church and Areas of Further Realization, in Vidyajyothi, Journal of Theological Reflection 71 (2007) 208-219, 285-301.

PULIKKAN, P., Meeting of Faith and Cultures in Kerala in Pontificium Consilium de Cultura, Cultural Resources for Living the Christian Faith in Dialogue with Traditional Cultures in the Context of Cultural Transformation, Meeting of Catholic Cultural Centres in India, 20-23 November, 2006, Goa, Vatican, 2007, 150-157.

PULIKKAN, P., Die Rezeption des Zweiten Vatikanischen Konzils in der indischen Kirche. Ist-Stand und Forschungsperspektiven, (The Reception of Second Vatican Council in the Indian Church. The Actual Situation and the Research Perspectives) in: Peter Hünermann, Bernd Jochen Hilberath und Lieven Boeve (eds)., Das Zweite Vatikanische Konzil und die Zeichen der Zeit heute. Anstöße zur weiteren Rezeption, Herder, Freiburg - Basel - Wien 2006, 504-528.

PULIKKAN, P., Nostra Aetate, The Indian Church and the Hindu Religion in G. ROUTHIER (ed.),Réceptions de Vatican II. Le concile au risque de l'histoire et des espaces humains, Leuven, 2004, 153-173.

PULIKKAN, P., The Indian Church at Vatican II, in Vidyajyothi, Journal of Theological Reflection 66 (2002) 164-174.

PULIKKAN, P., Indian Bishops in the First Session: From a Slow Start to an Emerging Conciliar Ethos, in M.T. FATTORI & A. MELLONI (eds.), Experience, Organisations and Bodies at Vatican II, Leuven, 1999, 87-122.

PULIKKAN, P. & LAMBERIGTS, M., The Vota of the Indian Bishops and their Participation in the Liturgy Debate During the Second Vatican Council, in Questions Liturgiques 78 (1997) 61-79.


Conferences and Lectures

Dr Paul Pulikkan has given lectures in he University of Chichester (UK), Ripon College (Oxford),The Eberhard Karls University (Tuebingen), the University of Marburg, Theological Faculty of Fulda (Germany), Institute of Religious Studies, Bologna, Italy.

Important papers 1. 2007 Jan 12-15 -“Interreligious Dialogue and Ecclesiology” in the International Conference Ecclesiological Investigations (a unit of American Academy of Religion), at Hawarden, Wales, UK. 2. 2005 Dec. 3-7, Paper on The Reception of II Vatican Council in India at the International Symposium organized by The Eberhard Karls University of Tuebingen, Germany on the 40th anniversary of the Council. 3. Leuven Encounters In Systematic Theology (LEST) (organized by Catholic University of Leuven). Presentation of Papers in 2001, 2003, 2007. 4. 2000 Oct 16-19: The Reception of Vatican II: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, New York (organized by Card. Suenens Centre, John Carroll University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA). Presentation of Paper: Indian Reception of Vatican II, with a reference to the Asian reception.