University of Calicut

16 July 2020
(A Centre for Research and Advanced Studies on Islam)



The Chair for Islamic Studies and Research conducts advanced studies and interdisciplinary research on social, political, cultural, and intellectual trends and movements in contemporary Muslim societies and promotes a better understanding of Muslims with an objective of fostering communal harmony and pluralism in the region.

The Chair was established at the University of Calicut in 1988 with the support of Federation of Muslim Colleges. Now it is functioning as a common platform for intellectuals, social engineers, and community leaders who are interested in the study of Islam. The driving force of the academic pursuit of the Chair is the concept that cross-cultural sharing of knowledge has a vital role in the social integration and communal harmony of the country.

The Chair’s research and studies projects aim to :

  • Promote research on history, tradition, philosophy, culture and heritage of Islam in general and Muslim community of Kerala in particular.
  • Collect historical data relates to the various aspects of the origin and spread of Islam and its cultural assimilation in Kerala through the ages.
  • Conduct short-term courses, workshops, seminars and extension lectures on Islamic topics.
  • Organize social surveys to provide insight into the contemporary trends in Muslim society.
  • Academic linkage with centers of learning on Islam and Muslims for collaborative research and resource sharing.

During the past one and a half decades, the Chair has conducted many programmes on diverse subjects related to Islam and its contemporary relevance. Many world-renowned scholars and thinkers have visited the Chair as part of its extension lecture series and cultural exchange programmes. This year’s notable visitors include Dr. F.A Nizami, Director, Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies and Research, Dr. Ikrima Sabri, Grant Mufti of Al Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem.

Many lecture programmes on Islamic perspective on pluralism, composite culture, Muslim identity in contemporary world etc have been conducted for the public in the region.

The Present Patron of the Chair is Prof. Syed Iqbal Hasnain, Vice Chancellor, University of Calicut, Kerala. The Director is Dr. Mubrak Pasha, Director, School of Distance Education, University of Calicut.

Governing Body

  • The Vice-Chancellor (Chairman)
  • The Registrar
  • The Finanace Officer
  • Shri. P.V. Zainudeen, Advocate
  • Shri. V.K. Ali
  • Shri. C.P.Kunhammed
  • Shri. P.V. Abdu Wahab
  • Shri. P.K. Ahamed

The period of the Governing Body will be for three years

Activities of the Chair


Lecture on The Necessity for Pluralism: An Islamic Perspective on February 6, 2006 at Calicut Tower, Markaz Complex, Calicut and The Role of History: An Islamic Perspective on February 7, 2006 at the Seminar Complex, Calicut University Campus by Dr. F.A. Nizami, Director, Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, Oxford, UK.

Lecture by Dr.F.A. Nizami