Publication The year 1988 is a corner stone in the history of the University of Calicut because it was then started the Publication Division. Though initially text books were produced, slowly form 1999 onwards the widening horizon saw the inclusion of research journals and research publications. The short span of time was not a stumbling block for the publication as it leapt up to meet the challenge with fifty nine books of academics and researchers, various research journals and workbooks.


The new light of dawn finds the publication undertaking jobs for other universities as well. The Calicut University Sanskrit series and the venture of publishing Malayalam classics are yet other landmarks in the history of Publication Division. Not funded by any external agency, the Publication Division now utilises the UGC unassigned grant for Publication of research works. Adding a feather to the cap of the University, the Publication Division does a booming and steadily increasing business of over one crore per annum and supplies more than two lakhs of books as low priced editions to our students. Considering the long strides taken by Publication Division, a direct sales counter for non-text books and journals called ‘The Book Shop’ has been launched in the campus itself. The Publication Division, continues its march with more laurels waiting in the near tomorrows by stepping into the field of e-publishing.