University of Calicut

13 August 2020

The Book Shop

Book Shop

The bookshop at the students trap , run by the university publication division is a unique one of its kind in any of the Indian universities. The campus community can get books and journals published by eminent publishers like orient longman, foundation books,d.c.books, current books, kerala sahithya akademy, vallathol vidya peetam etc . from here along with the publications of the university publication division.
Here we offer maximum discount to the buyers--33% discount for all our publications,, 20% discount for all Malayalam titles of other publishers and 15% discount for all other English titles. Students can order books from here and the shop will arrange it.
BookshopfrontAlong with books we sell stationary articles like note books,pen, pencil, floppy, cd, file , paper and all things campus students require . we also sell burmudas, banians, t-shirts, socks etc. for them. The specialty of this shop is that we sell sports items like football, volly ball, racket, net , shoes, shuttle cock, cricket bat and all other sports items, our campus community need. Thus it caters the students to have a healthy body and a healthy mind. the most attractive part of the shop is that the students
will get all the sports items and stationary articles at a lesser price than any where else. Even the suppliers of sports goods can not sell those items at that rate as we are selling at a no loss no profit rate. Previously students and teachers should go to Calicut -24K.M away from campus- to get books. In between Calicut and Kottakkal there is no shop of its kind. hence it is a very useful one for the local public also.

Adjoining to this book shop there is an internet booth, run by our students the departmental students union under the guidance of the students dean. the rate there is only Rs.10/ per hour, which is half of the rate for the same in the near by booths.